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About Us

Our Mission is to provide our worldwide customers excellent products and outstanding services at competitive price. We are carrying out this commitment by setting high ethical and professional standards, cost-effective management, professional attitude and customer-first principle to ensure the profitable growth for both customers and our company. Tiancheng is proud and deeply committed to dedicate ourselves to serve you with superior quality and reliability. Besides our high quality product and service, we also promise to maintain excellence and integrity in all aspects of our professional conduct.
To meet and exceed our commitment and customer's expectation, Tiancheng will always make your satisfaction as our first goal. We treat all our customers with compassion and kindness. Our employees are expected to serve with their highest level of knowledge, experience and motivation. We believe that ongoing profitability is realized by operational excellence, consistent innovation, and industry-leading products and services. Tiancheng will support customers by providing high quality products and service of exceptional value which help them gain competitive advantage in their markets.

We are:
- GMP certified and ISO9001:2000 certified
- Star Kosher, RAB (U.S.A) and CNNB (China) certified
- Holds the USA patent (#US6, 326,513) for Creatine Monohydrate production
- Holds the USA patent (#US7, 005,543, B2) for Betaine Compound
- Our factory is the largest Creatine Monohydrate manufacturer in the world
- All ingredients are evaluated by standardized test methods and instruments, including: HPLC, IR, UV, MASS SPECTRUM, GC.
- Provide all customers with original certificate of analysis and MSDS
- Our company carry more than 40 kinds of pharmaceutical raw materials, and customized formula on demand is available